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Steve Whately joins Greenroom Digital

/ May 31, 2022 by Greenroom Digital

We are thrilled to welcome Steve Whately to our team as General Manager Aus/NZ

Steve Whately has joined Greenroom Digital as General Manager Australia & New Zealand, following 15 years’ experience in the sports marketing industry. Steve is a leader in the industry and has worked for organisations such as KPMG, Sport Australia and Nielsen Sports.

Steve has worked across all corners of the sports industry in his previous roles, with experience in commercial, digital, participation, governance, strategic planning and financial analysis. Over the past decade, he has focussed his experience and expertise in the sponsorship industry, providing advice to both rights holders and sponsors. Steve understands the current challenges and opportunities facing both sides of the industry, as well as the major trends likely to impact the sector over the coming months and years.

In more recent years, Steve has led the Consulting & Commercial teams at Nielsen Sports in Australia & New Zealand. He has worked with some of the biggest rights holders, across every major sport in Australia, providing data solutions to enable them to drive greater commercial returns. Steve also built new partnerships with many brand clients while at Nielsen Sports, including Bunnings, Mondelez, Woolworths, Origin Energy, HCF & Nissan. The data solutions for these clients focussed on assisting them to select, measure and optimise their partnerships for greater ROI.

As a priority, Steve will shortly head to London to spend a couple of weeks with Greenroom’s Co-Founder Tom Huggins and his team. A focus of Steve’s will be to learn many of the insights that flow through from the team’s international work, and adapt that to the local market.

“The Greenroom team have an incredible reputation in the market and are doing things nobody else is doing. It’s a very exciting business to join with a motivated and fun team of people. Sponsorship is evolving from exposure to engagement and we’re partnering with the industry to help them do this better” says Steve.

Nick Biggin, CEO and Co-founder of Greenroom Digital adds “Steve’s appointment is an exciting time for Greenroom Digital. He brings a wealth of experience to the business and will work closely with local and international team members to deliver exceptional data-driven digital marketing solutions to our clients as well as continue to focus on commercial growth for the business.”

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