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Demand growing for access to rights holder digital assets

/ August 9, 2023 by Greenroom Digital

Rights holders are having to be smarter with providing access to digital assets in the post-Covid landscape according to Greenroom Digital’s Steve Whately.

“Post Covid is seeing more demand from brands wanting access to rights holders’ digital assets and in turn, rights holders have to be a lot smarter around offering, valuing to help partners activate them to meet their objectives,” said Steve Whately, GM of Greenroom Digital.

“What we’re advising rights holders is to ensure the evaluation of the digital assets is more sophisticated; and to consider which brands get access to which assets. And they should play a more active role in supporting the leverage of these assets.

“Offering up digital assets to every brand isn’t necessarily the right fit for either the rights holder or the brands.”

In a recent busy period, Greenroom Digital has made several key wins.

Surfing Australia will use some of the know-how applied to other rights holders like Tennis Australia to shape its digital footprint.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Greenroom Digital to ensure we are at the forefront of digital sponsorship delivery for our valued partners,” said Surfing Australia’s head of partnerships, Clarissa Pike.

The agency has also added real estate developer, Peet to activate its sponsorship of the Perth Scorchers as well as Hertz rental with NRL teams, Penrith Panthers and Wests Tigers.

These clients use a similar approach of fan database building, then use these to attract leads through to conversion.

In another big success, on behalf of car manufacturer MG, Greenroom has just released a series of videos filmed in Sydney and Adelaide using its partners South Sydney Rabbitohs (NRL) and Port Adelaide Power (AFL) who  take on each other in several sporting challenges.

In another piece also involving the Rabbitohs and tech journalist Stephen Fenech, the video showcases MG’s bi-directional charging capabilities, dubbed ‘vehicle to load’, as the players connect their ball pump and electric simulated kicker to the vehicle’s battery.

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