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MG digital campaigns deliver $23m in sales

/ October 17, 2023 by Greenroom Digital

We have built a engaged database of over 230,000 leads for MG Australia. We have nurtured these leads and tracked vehicle sales with the most recent results showing a compelling $23m in annualised sales.

At Greenroom Digital, we have successfully leveraged our partnership with MG to generate impressive sales through sports-focused digital campaigns. Over the course of a four-year partnership, our approach has created a 230,000-strong fan database and recently delivered an annualised direct sales return of $23 million for the Chinese car maker, MG.

Our general manager, Steve Whately said, “MG is a direct client of ours. Our primary goal has been generating quality leads from MG partners’ fan bases, and nurturing those leads to conversion. This has involved capitalising on sponsorships with top-tier sports teams like the Rabbitohs (NRL), Melbourne Stars (BBL), Port Adelaide (AFL), and the National Basketball League (NBL). The campaigns focus on understanding and segmenting the fan databases.”

Our unique survey mechanic allows us to delve deeper into understanding fan profiles, discerning if they’re in the market for a new car or interested in electric vehicles, among other specifics. This enriched data allows us to send targeted and personalised marketing to fans based on their car preferences and sporting affiliations.

MG content, sometimes exclusive and sometimes repurposed from the clubs is then paired with the brand’s messaging.

It’s crucial that the fans receive content from their beloved teams first, followed by MG brand messaging. These fans are primarily sports enthusiasts, not MG enthusiasts. It’s our task to gently introduce the MG brand to them without overwhelming them with pure automotive content. The process has been refined over time, with the agency monitoring continuous engagement with the fans leading, to offers.

“Over the most recent tracking period, MG can attribute an annualised $23 million in sales directly from the fan database we nurture with MG,” Whately claimed.

He also explained how the agency’s proprietary predictive data set, encompassing the results of more than 2,000 campaigns, assists in the process. “Greenroom IQ helps us predict potential competition entries for a campaign and also guides in designing a highly-effective campaign. The transparency and measurability that the digital domain offers are instrumental in Greenroom’s success.

Through our unique process, we’ve seen that our digital marketing campaign performances are 127% above industry benchmarks,” Whately claimed.

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