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Greenroom Digital launches Fanalysis

/ August 12, 2021 by Greenroom Digital

Helping Sporting organisations benchmark the commercial value of building a strong direct to consumer relationship with their fans

Working with some of the biggest clients in the Sport and Entertainment industry, our mission is to create long term relationships between rights holders and brands and their fans – via the lens of a partnership to increase the lifetime value of the audience.

Through our extensive work across the industry, we are able to successfully measure and continue to exceed the commercial returns we generate for our clients. Developed by our product development team and performance marketing experts, we are very excited to launch Fanalysis. Our personalized valuation tool gives you an estimate of the commercial returns you could be generating from your first party data and social audiences – which is based on our proprietary data, industry research and marketing benchmarks. With a free personalised report based on the insights you provide, our aim is to give you data-driven and actionable insights that will help you get the most value out of your audience.

  • Fanalysis is a free tool that will provide you with insights into:
  • A personalised valuation of the marketing value you should be generating from your audience currently
  • The importance of owning your audience
  • The opportunity to invest in your audience and increase your commercial value
  • How Greenroom Digital can help

Tom Huggins, Co-founder and COO of Greenroom Digital said “It has been such a challenging time for our industry, and never before has there been a greater importance on focusing on the fan. We need to find new ways to engage, grow and connect with fans in a more meaningful way, to unlock new and sustainable revenue sources.

Fanalysis provides an estimate of the opportunity that can be unlocked if we focus on building and enriching direct to consumer relationships, particularly as things continue to change in the digital marketing landscape making it harder to reach audiences through current channels. We hope that Fanalysis can help sporting organisations understand the value of their most important asset, and this platform helps support business cases to invest in continued audience growth, deeper connections with fans and enriched fan experiences”.

To find out more and to download your personalised report, visit: fanalysis

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